Trending NOW….HR Buzz Terms

Trending now is the new buzz terms like “core competencies” and “workflow development,” human resource professionals are now the new strategic business partner for organizations globally. The relationship between human resources and the organization should be a tight and perfect fit and operate at all times as one entity. With the ever changing needs of business, and the changes in technology there is currently a talent war going on for skilled candidates who have appropriate experience and education, candidates who can add to organizational culture and performance. Professional recruiters obsessed with locating the right candidate for critical positions.

Managers are requesting more labors to increase productivity, not just any type of laborer. Managers are in search of the next big innovative product to compete in business and boost revenue; therefore the pressure is on human resources to deliver human capital whose credentials match the core competencies for successful workflow development.

Small or large organizations equally face human resource challenges that come with hiring the right candidate, maintaining confidentiality, creating company culture, and maintaining compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. Human resources can be complex without incorporating HR knowledge base skills. To meet the strategic needs of the organization, human resource professionals are now responsible for ensuring that each hire has the core competencies’ required to successfully handle the workflow.

Top corporations are now aligning their human capital with their business model and strategic plan. A business model is developed by analyzing the organizations mission, goals, products and the purpose of the business. Leaders are taking a close look at the external environment and internal environment to produce an effective business model. Once the business model has been developed it is joined with the business strategic plan and infused with the human resource strategic plan; this infusion gives birth to the talent management and human capital objectives.

Assessing the core competencies’ of talent will ensure forward movement into new markets for the organization. Talent Acquisition Managers are tasked with not missing the target when sourcing, recruiting and developing a talent pipeline. With this task in mind talent managers will need to have negotiation skills when approaching candidates for open positions, and collaboration skills when working with front line managers. Human resource professionals with these capabilities will be able to deliver the talent with specific core competencies’ which in turn prepares the way for successful workflow development.

Collaboration maximizes the hiring impact, which will bring a unified and consistent approach to the human resource talent management process. Ultimately, talent management is a competency closely related to activities intended to bring the organization a return on its investment.

Talent management uniquely ensures the organizations capability to progressively move forward financially, socially, ethically, and cooperatively with the strategic and tactical business plan of the organization.


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